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3D Printed Articulated/Sensory Dragons

3D Printed Articulated/Sensory Dragons

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Please note that there are numerous styles and colors of 3d-printed dragons that are not included on our website. We have a wide variety available only at the markets we attend. If you do not see the dragon you are looking for, please send us an email or send us a message on our chat visible on this page and we will be happy to customize a 3D printed dragon for you.

Our 3d printed dragons design was created by Cinderwing3d.
Be 3D Print Shop has a commercial license to sell prints of their designs.

Uncover the enchantment

These expertly crafted 3D Printed Articulated/Sensory Dragons are a magical addition to any collection. With their articulated movements and sensory features, these dragons bring a touch of magic and excitement to any display. Handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail, these dragons are sure to impress.

Enhance your space with our 3D printed dragons.


Materials: This 3D print is made from a type of plastic called PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is an excellent material for 3d printing but is generally more brittle than other plastics. Be aware that your print can break if dropped or mistreated.

This item is sensitive to UV rays and heat exposure over 140 degrees F. Warping is possible when placed in the sun for long periods. Not suitable for staying in hot cars on summer days.

The color on all 3d printed products can vary slightly depending on availability of branded filament. As these are made with the FDM process (layer by layer) there can/will be minor imperfections.

Length: 15" approximately or more [ Large size ]

***Please choose your color from the list. If there is a color not listed, please request personalization*** by email at 

*Transition filaments will start as one color and transition to another. It may start/end anywhere on the print, we cannot control where a certain color starts/stops.

Legal Disclaimer: Please note that articulated models are unsuitable for small children, as small pieces may break off from the model and create a potential choking hazard. Be 3D Print Shop, LLC, is not liable for any event(s) following the improper or inappropriate use of its products.

*As these dragons are printed to order, please allow up to 7 business days for printing and shipping.

Environmentally Friendly

Made from high-quality PLA (Polylactic Acid) material, the dragon is also environmentally friendly. PLA is a biodegradable material that can last a lifetime with proper care, and is made from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugarcane.


We stand behind our products and delivery partners. Should your order not arrive, or is defective, just let us know and we'll resend or refund your order. 

Be 3D Print Shop, LLC 


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We are excited to offer FREE tracked shipping on every order placed within the U.S, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Each order is custom-printed so you can expect it to arrive at your doorstep within 2 weeks after purchasing!

Please email if you have any questions regarding your order!

Also, make sure to read our return policy for more information regarding our policy on returns.


Because each product is custom made and fragile, all orders are non-refundable. However, if you are unsatisfied with any of your products, or if anything is broken/damaged upon arrival, please email us at ( and we’ll do our best to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please note that any req

Product Disclaimer

Please note that this item is 3D printed and may have minor imperfections due to the nature of 3D printing. This however will not affect the quality, durability, or function of the item/s.